2005 Pictures

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Sean and Avery's new ride

Avery hi-chair and Penne-ala-vodka nite

Jet's game at Bob & Kris's

Blizzard 05

Disney on Ice

Andy's new snow blower

Superbowl 2005

Pizza night

Valentines Babies

President's day, 2005

Paige's 3rd Birthday

GreenPoint Bank's great Exodus

Miscellaneous S&A pics

Nicholas's 2nd Birthday

St. Patrick's Day Parade at the PI, 2005

St. Patrick's Day at the Hagen's

Mr. (Andy) McGovern-Frampy's 70th Birthday

Easter 2005

Easter Pics, 2005, by Pat

Sean's glasses & Avery krawlin'

Kassondra's First Communion

Drew's 45th Birthday


Avery and Patrick's Swimming Class

Digging a new cesspool

Greenpoint, April 15

My 3 babies

Danielle's 18th Birthday

Kidz at Sunken Meadow Boardwalk

The Kurmmenackers, 2005

Jarrod's 1st birthday

Patrick's 1st Birthday

Making the Mother's day card

Cassy and Jason's Birthday, 2005

Tubby with a bottle of shampoo

Mother's Day 05

Caroline's Graduation

Tom's Retirement Party/Closing Lake Success

Sammy's First Communion

Brian's Birthday, 2005

Marshall Crenshaw at Stephen's Talkhouse

LI Ducks 2005

Judas Priest at Jones Beach

Father's Day, 2005

Rise of the Great Retaining Wall

SSPJ Family Festival, 2005

Supreme Court near Yankees Stadium, 2005

Danielle's High School Graduation

Fourth of July BBQ

4th of July BBQ #2

Matthew's 3rd Birthday

Avery's 1st Birthday

Kids Late July

A few pictures from Avery's real birthday

Inside the Heineken Minikeg

Block Party

Newport Getaway

Frankie and Denise's Block Party

MARILYN'S Birthday

Liam's Birthday

Mom's Birthday

Christophers Grillos's 1st Bday

Various August Pictures

Pat, Col, and Patrick's head South

Labor Day Weekend, 2005

Ferry trip on Labor Day

Lighting up at Kathy's house

Model Plane show at Sunken Meadow

Rolling Stones at Giants Stadium

Deanna's Sweet 16

Tricia and John's Wedding

Anthony's Birthday

Kristen and John's Wedding

Some more random pictures from my Pocket PC

Saint James Day, 2005

GreenPoint Happy Hour, October '05

Lori's Surprise 30th Birthday Party

Sean and Avery persevering the October Monsoon

U2 at the Garden

One lazy fall weekend

Quick visit to Grandma's

Madison's Birthday 05

Avery, Patrick, and Sean--Reunited

Pre-Halloween Pics+Saint James Halloween parade


Molly's Place

Veteran's Day Weekend

Christmas pics at Sears

Thanks Giving Day

Ryan James Edwards

Cameron James

Weidner family group photos

Patrick partyin' with Sean & Avery

Sean's 3rd Birthday Party

Sean's actual 3rd Birthday

Shannen's 4th Birthday

Kids late December

Christmas Eve, 2005

Christmas 2005

Mrs. V's Birthday/McGovern-Vasquez Christmas

Suzie & Melnick Pizza nite

More Pictures of Cameron & Family

Some of Pat's pics of Cameron

New Years Eve, 2005

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