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Mr. V's 60th Birthday

Kids ice skating in backyard

Saint James/King Kullen party

Charlie's 3rd Birthday

Superbowl 2010

Emmett's Surgery

Miscellaneous Winter 2010

March 2010

Andy's 75 Birthday

Emmett's First Birthday

Emmett Walking/first haircut/Sears photo

Easter 2010

Party @ Harneys

Soccer Sundays and the library

Patrick's birthday at the NY Hall of Science

Shannan, Paige, Nicholas and Alex's first communion

Hot spring afternoon/Connor's birthday

Jason's 18th Birthday

Cassie's College Graduation

Ronald @ Mcdonalds

Field day 2010

Memorial Weekend BBQ

Memorial Day 2010

Avery's Dance Rehearsal/Recital 2010

Gymfest 2010

Aunt Marion's Retirement Party

Avery Author Day

Miscellaneous pics Spring 2010

Final Retaining Walls

Core Drill Rental

Kids having fun, June 2010"

Kings Park Day 2010

Nicholas's Birthday

Paige and Chase's Birthday

Jason's Graduation

Pitch and Putt at Cedar Creek with Charlie

Random beach trip to Sunken Meadow

Fourth of July

Random BBQ with Growlers from the BD

Me and Lucille's birthday

Father's Day 2010

Soccer day 2010

Late night test run of the new swing set"

Emily's block party

Charter out of Captree

Avery's 6th Birthday

Late night test of new swing set

Hershey Park 2010

Hershey Park-pictures from the camera 2

Mom's Birthday 2010

Trip to Port Jeff for hermit crabs

Hula day @ camp and watching Buddy the dog

Duck pond at Stony Brook

Crashing Grillo's block party

Hershey Park--lost photos

Pictures from my Blackberry

Ducks game 2010

Charlie's Broken Elbow

Janie and Jay's 25th Anniversary

Mom's St. Agnes Medal of Service Award

Aunt Gail's 70th Birthday

Anthony's Birthday @ Country Kitchen restaurant

Various shots from the end of the summer

Staycation 2010/visiting the shores

Chillin' at Sue and Kevin's

bike riding, hurricane earl, dare devils and more

Fire Island all-nighter

Avery glee practice, adios Pathfinder, KPHS home coming

Halloween 2010


Mrs. V's Casino B-day

Thanksgiving 2010

Alyssas bouncey birthday

Grillo's Christmas thing

Seans Birthday 2010

Random December photos

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Christmas Night

Shannans birthday and more

Snow fun late 2010

New Years 2010-2011