Index of all pictures last year (2012)
  • Beach day (2012)

  • Owl walk at Sweet brian nature center (2012)

  • Coney Island (2012)

  • Hurricane Sandy pics via waterproof camera (2012)

  • First snow of the season (Nov 7, 2012)

    Polar bear dive, plus family hike/bike

    Cubscout pinecar derby

    Sean's basketball

    Charlie's 6th birthday

    Lame snow storm

    Nemo the Blizzard

    Superbowl 2013

    Miscellaneous pics februany

    Frankie's birthday

    Party for no real reason

    Kings Park St. Patrick's day parade

    Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner and hopper ball fun

    Battleship cove

    St Patrick's Day weekend

    Andy's birthday

    Phone pics

    NYC trip with kids

    Easter weekend 2013

    Emmett's birthday dinner at Friendly's


    Track meet with SSPJ and RJO spring concert

    Emmett's fourth birthday party

    Connor's birthday

    Mother's Day 2013

    Miscellaneous photos (spring)

    Parkview field day 2013

    Memorial day

    Avery's chorus recital

    Parkview Carnival 2013

    Kings Park Day 2013

    Misc June 2013

    Father's day

    Emmett's moving up ceremony

    Soccer day

    Chase's bday

    Avery Birthday

    Charlie learns 2 wheeler

    Ally birthday and more

    Ocean City, MD

    Various evenings at Sunken Meadow

    August 2013+Polishtown USA

    Kids first day of school

    Emmett's first day of soccer

    Cow Harbor, cub scout picnic, dance off

    Kings Park Fire Departments 100th anniversary

    Stefan's first birthday

    Summer pics-waterproof cam


    Misc sports and cubscouts


    100 ways to enjoy a leaf pile

    Veteran's day parade and Mill Pond Golf

    Cubscout rain gutter regatta

    My hard drive crashed in mid-december, so the following pics have been waiting a long time to see the internet.

    Misc November 2013

    Thanksgiving 2013

    Sean's birthday 2013

    RJO Winter concert

    Cruise to no-where

    Sledding/Christmas card pics

    Cubscout visit to firehouse

    Kings Park FD Christmas parade

    Christmas eve 2013

    Christmas morning

    Christmas night

    New Years Eve 2013-14