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last year (2014)

Sean Ski trip and home snowboarding

Charlie's kid party at Skyzone

Charlie's 8th birthday

Blackberry pics and pine car derby

First snowmen 2015

RJO Snowball dance

Winter phone pics

Little Kev's birthday, superbowl

January Snow Fun

Jay's birthday plus misc pics

February and end of winter

Monster Jam Bridgeport

St Pats Parade

St Patrick's day weekend and more

Police station, hanging out

Emmett's birthday 2015

Great Wolf Lodge


Scouting things, connor b-day, wax museum

Charlie's first communion

Mother's day

Track meet

Memorial day/John Jr. Birthday

Field day

Alyssa's first communion

Danny and Christine's wedding

Sean and Avery's spring concerts

Mystic cubscout trip

Alex's birthday

Danielle and Ryan's Wedding

Dance recital, pool opening, end of baseball

Charlie's author's day Parkview

Kings Park Day 2015

Field Day

Alyssa's first communion

Danny and Christine's wedding

Mystic cubscout trip

Sean and Avery's spring concerts

Kings Park day 2015

Avery moving up ceremony

Father's day

Emmett's end of year show

Last day of school

Dance Nationals and Philly trip

Soccer day and misc

Fourth of July

Early Summer 2015

Avery's Birthday

Cub scouts @ baiting hollow

Yogi Bear family camping

Short beach and a barbecue

Splish Splash

Disaster on the seas

Labor day weekend and first day of school

Riverhead harvest festival

KP Homecoming parade

Lori's 40th Birthday

Pumpkin Picking

Boo you videos

Monster Mash

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin patch and Halloween parade


Fabulous fall frolics

Holiday boat parades, thanksgiving and flaming pumpkins

Sean's first swim meet+random December

Sean's birthday

Winter Concert 2015

Bridgeport Sound tigers game

Scranton Jingle Bell bash

Gingerbread houses

Varied December events

Fire Department parade

Pie face


New Years 2015-2016