2008 Pictures

Index of all pictures

Weekly King Kullen get together

Charlie's 1st Haircut and Walking Shoes

The McGovern's 50th Anniversary Party

Charlie's 1st Birthday

Charlie's 1st Birthday Party

SportTime Graduation

Gillian's 2nd Birthday

Superbowl 2008

Sean's 100th day of school

Avenue Q

Some of the kid's artwork

Charlie digs the snow

Valentine's Day, 2008

Road to a new minivan

Nicholas and Joseph's Birthday

Vanderbilt Planetarium

A snowy afternoon

Paige's 6th Birthday

Bob's 40th Surprise party

Becky earns her PhD

Easter 2008

Brianna's Quinceanara

First day of Soccer/First day of baseball

Visiting Carolina Carolyn--a road trip

Spring break 2008

Patrick, Jason, and other's birthday

Avery's first bike

Scranton Yankees Game 2008

Connor's first birthday

Mother's Day, 2008

A few miscellaneous pictures

Liam's 1st communion

Memorial Day Weekend, 2008

Kevin's Christening

Hagen boyz sleepover

Avery's Recital, 2008

How to install Brian's pool

SSPJ Reunion

Making the Father's Day Shirt

Last Baseball practice

Kings Park Day, 2008

Last regular soccer, 2008

Father's Day, 2008

Sean's preschool graduation

Avery's Preschool graduation

Sean's last day of school, 2008

Avery's Gymnastics show

CYO Baseball picnic

Rich and Tricia's non-barbecue party

Emily's bouncy party and Joseph's birthday

New Bunkbeds

BBQ at the Krummenacker's

Bronx Zoo

Alexandra's 1st Birthday

St. Joseph's festival/lost camera

Dutch Wonderland/Lancaster Vacation

Woo, Tara and new baby McKenna visit Long Island

Avery's Birthday

Avery birthday--Lucille only

Patrick Thompson's graduation

Janie's last minute BBQ

New little einstein video

Liam and Jaiden's birthday

Trip to Short beach

Atlantis Aquarium

Labor Day weekend/first time bowling

Miscellaneous pictures of kids, Summer 2008

Sean's first day of kinder garten

Tropical storm Hannah

Beach BBQ day

SSPJ Class of 1987 informal reunion

Random pictures, September 2008

Sean's football game and Kings Park Homecoming

Michael's Christening

St. James Day, 2008

Soccer and Cow Harbor Day

Visiting Cassie at Purchase College

Halloween costume tryout and Sean lost his first tooth

Sean's field trip to the apple orchard

Monster Mash 2008

Sean's trip to the apple orchard

Riverhead harvest festival 2008

Kalina's Birthday 08

Pre-halloween stuff

Halloween--parade and class party

Halloween 2008

Raking leaves

Pete's Surprise 35th Birthday party

Final days of Soccer & trophies

Kathy's 50th surprise birthday party

Chase's Christening

Thanksgiving feast at Parkview

Thanksgiving 2008

Sean's 6th Birthday party

Avery's trip to theater with her little school

Kids having fun in the snow

Alyssa's birthday 2008

Pre-Christmas pictures

Last minute holiday get together

Gingerbread house construction at Parkview

NFB Bank IT Christmas Party

Christmas Eve, 2008

Christmas morning/afternoon

Christmas night

Visit to Frampies on 26th

Shannan and Mrs. V's birthdays

Leftovers/Farewell to Lucks at Brian and Amy's

Kids testing their new roller skates

New Years Eve and day