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Grinding meat

Aunt Rita's 90th Birthday Party at Chateau Le Mer

Cocker Bath

Kids and Deanna Sledding

Some final pictures of the Christmas Trees

Shannen, John and Liam visit, and more

S & A Pictures

Some of Sean's Artwork

Vacation to Isle Verde, Puerto Rico

Deanna's Junior Banquet

Joseph's 1st Bday

Miscellaneous Pics, Feb 2006

Some pictures of John and Tracy's crotches

Kids February 2006

Paige's 4th Birthday

Visiting Ryan Edwards and Family

St. James St. Patrick's Day Parade, 2006

Pat's & Colleen's New Place

Nicholas's 3rd Birthday

St. Patrick's Day Cookies

Sean's first day of Soccer

Wood floors, pre-refinishing; soccer

Sheetrocking at the Brian and Amy's

Easter Pics with the E Bunny and Babies R Us

Sean and Avery visit the Easter Village

Coloring Easter Eggs

Easter 2006

Cameron's Christening

Mrs. McGovern's Birthday, 2006

Gillian's Christening

Sarah & Family celebrate Cinco de Mayo

After the Cosmo's Moon show & soccer

Patrick's 2nd Brithday

Late Cinco de Mayo Party

Soccer and Grillo's House

John's 3rd birthday

Dick Dale, 2006

John Hagen Jr.'s 3rd Birthday Party

Avery's 3-jointed leg

Grandma and Grandpa's 60th Anniversary

Memorial Day, 2006

Ducks, 2006

Cell phone Pictures; Avery doctor

Kings Park Day, 2006

Ryan's Naming Ceremony

Father's Day, 2006

Sean's Moving Up Day

SSPJ Bizarre-Family Festival 2006

Caroline and Jarrod's Wedding

Cassie's Graduation

Videos of our first visit to Cold Stone Creamery and Microbrew

Fourth of July Weekend, 2006

Kids first train ride to Port Jefferson

Photo Shoot with Avery and Sean

Barbecue at the Vasquez's

Avery's 2nd Birthday Party

Avery's B-day and Kathy's Block Party

Jonathan Michael Patscott's Christening

Block Parties 1

Sesame Place, 2006

Liam's Second Birthday

Adventureland with Pete

Denise's Surprise 30th Birthday/80s Party

John Weidner's Lost and found

Labor Day Weekend, 2006

Deanna's 17th Birthday

First Day of School and Marion/Bob's Party

Sean's New Fish

Costume practice, 2006

Kings Park Sons of Italy Festival, 2006

Pre-season pumpkin coloring

Miscellaneous Camera phone Pictures, Summer 2006

DDI Picnic, 2006

Saint James Day, 2006

Columbus day weekend

Palmer Vineyards

Brendan Brady Mullen's Christening

Ronnie's 30th Birthday

Grandpa Schook's 80th Birthday

Jason's Confirmation

Halloween 2006, part I

Halloween 2006, part II

Veteran's Day, 2006

November and ThankGiving Pictures

Avery before dance class

Cameron's First Birthday

Sean's 4th Birthday Party

Fun the weekend before Christmas weekend

Avery's Dance School; more Christmas fun

Christmas Eve, 2006

Christmas Morning


Christmas and New Years Parties 2006

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