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last year (2015)

Great Wolf Lodge Cubscout Nov 2015

waterproof camera Winter snow pics from 2015-16 season

First Snow

Charlie's birthday

Misc January

First big snow storm

Billy Joel MSG

Denise's 40th birthday

Barnum and Baily Circus

Pinecar derby and Blue and Gold

St Patty's parade

Making Seans hovercraft

St Baldricks, end of basketball, Billy Joel, many birthdays


Boring drone videos

Emmett birthday at Saf-T-Swim

KPY Baseball parade

Board of Ed Science Fair Recips

Field day 2016

Spring Concert WTR

Matthew's first communion


Numerous scout events

Spring birthdays

Charlie baseball

Miscellaneous spring pics

Parish Memorial day picnic

West Point cubscout trip

Author Day--Emmett

Fourth of July

Yogi Bear Water Park

Ryan's birthday and father's day

Swimming to raft at long beach

Deanna's bridal shower

Cub scouts at Baiting Hollow

Marilyn and Grandmas birthdays

Averys birthday

Drone video at yogi bear

Yogi bear bounce pillow

Splish Splash with Danielle and Ryan

Kayaking at Callahans

Phone pics

Villa Roma

Villa Roma Menus & review

Back to School

Deanna's Wedding

End of summer

Random Fall


Almost Halloween

Great Wolf Lodge 2016


Early October

Pot luck/send off at work

Seans birthday

Winter concerts


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year's Eve