2007 Pictures

Kids hanging out at the Vasquez's

Kids making a card for the new baby

Charlie Thomas Weidner--January 18, 2007

The days after Charlie

Music video-Charlie goes to Hollywood (best viewed in Internet Explorer)

Gillian's First Birthday

More cell phone pictures (and all movies from last year)

Charlie, siblings, and cousin

Winter Fun, 2007

Janie's 45th Surprise Birthday Party

Paige's 5th Birthday

Charlie taking a bath with S&A

Nicholas and Joey's 2nd and 4th B-day Party

St. Patrick's Day 2007

Charlie's Christening

Hanging out with the kiddies

Eating turkey and setting up gazebo 2 at the house-o-squez

Pre-Easter 2007

Easter 2007

Jonathan Patscott's Christening

Jarrod's 3rd Pirate Birthday

Paul's Barmitzvah

Random Weidner Baby Photoshoot

Alyssa and Mia's Christening

Celebrating Mother's day early

Digital Camera Phone Pics--to May 2007

Sean and Avery's first movie

Pre Memorial Day Barbeque

Little John's Birthday/Memorial Day Barbecue

Memorial day 07 and Wine and cheese

Avery's Recital, 2007

Duck's Game, 2007

Spamalot and ESPN Zone

Yankees 2007

Infants hanging out

Tea Party, Soccer, and Duck Pond

Some pictures at soccer practice

Father's Day, 2007

Sporttime Graduation, June 2007

Deanna's Prom

SSPJ Bizarre, 2007

Rich and Tricia's

Soccer Day, 2007

Madison's 4th Birthday

Deanna's Graduation

Sean's Graduation

Cute dog I found in my garage

Milania's Birthday

Breeze's Birthday Party

Rush Concert, Jones Beach, 2007

Independence Day, 2007


4th of July at Timmy's

BBQ at Patty's

New Camera & Avery at Camp

Avery's 3rd Birthday

Map of Robert Moses Pitch and Putt

Tracy and John's Block Party, 2007

Marilyn's Birthday

Grillos stopped by for a quickie

Frank and Denise's Block Party

GreenPoint Reunion/Suzie's house

Kids in August

Mom's Birthday

Liam and Jayden's Birthday

Polish Town Festival, Riverhead 2007

Carolyn and Jarrod move South & Smithtown movie night

Atlantic City Vacation, 2007

More pics from Labor day weekend

Sean's First Day of School

Pool Party, 2007

Deanna's 18th Birthday

Anthony's Birthday

Connor's Christening

Soccer practice

Rose's Surprise 50th Birthday Party

Kings Park Sons of Italy festival

Alexandra Lynne's Christening

Kings Park Home Coming Parade, 2007

Saint James Day, 2007

Amanda and Eric's Wedding

Glenn & Dee's Ocktoberfest

Tricia and John's Christening

Driveway and soccer pics

Aunt Janice's surprise 60th Birthday party

Saint James Halloween Parade

Halloween 2007

Soccer goal and more

Thanksgiving Feast at Sean's School


Sean's new bike & Charlie raking leaves

Alyssa's first birthday

Cameron's 2nd Birthday

Elf Yourself 2007

Sean's 5th Gymnastics Birthday Party

Kaleena's Baby Shower

Playing with Diamond and Brookhaven holiday lights show

Sean's family 5th Birthday Party

The week before Christmas

Christmas Eve 2007

Christmas 2007

Shannan's 6th Birthday

Late Christmas Celebration

New Years Eve, 2007-2008