Index of all pictures

Night-time winter pics and ice surfboard

Uncle Tom Boyle's 90th Birthday

Ice skating 101

Charlie's birthday party 2009

Charlie's real birthday

Ice skating party

Miscellaneous visit to Hagen's

Patrick and Kweng's shower

Kevin Jr.'s 1st birthday

Gillian's third birthday

Superbowl 2009

Beers with the King Kullen crew (plus some misc pics)

Charlie's bike debuts at the church parking lot

St. Patrick's Day Parade, Saint James

Bowling day for Primetime Nursery school

Random pics/kids

Parade at Avery's School

Road trip with Mom, Lucille and Anthony

Patrick and Kyeng's Wedding

Andy's Birthday

Little Tikes Yellow Hummer H2 Hackz

#4, Emmett Carney Weidner

Emmett Carney Weidner, continued

Miscellaneous April 2009

Various--Snuggie, Hoyt farm, KPPC

Easter 2009

Emmett's first tubby

Various kids pictures, Spring 2009

Mother's Day 2009

John's Saf-T-Swim party

Jonathan's 3rd birthday

Field day 2009

Memorial Day BBQ, 2009

Memorial Day fun

Memorial Day Parade, 2009

Baseball team pics 2009

Daniel's First Birthday

Emmett's Christening

Cindy's 50th

Avery's Dance Recital, 2009

Avery's Gymnastics show 2009

Pool liner, baseball, stitches

Some other kiddie parties

Sean's Author day

Father's Day 2009

Kings Park Day 2009

John and Lucille's Birthday

Avery graduates from PrimeTime preschool

Soccer day 2009

Alexandra's 1st Birthday

Adventureland 2009

Molly's BBQ

4th of July

Birthday at the beach

Pitch and Putt July 09

Chase's 1st Birthday

Regina's 40th birthday

Visit to Smith's Point campsite


Emily's block party

Avery's 5th Birthday

Slider night

Kempo Karate Picnic

Mom's Birthday 2009

Matthew Harney's 1st Birthday

Christopher's birthday

Kevin's Surprise 30th Birthday

Blume BBQ 2009


Trip to White Post Farms

Random visit to Grillos

Sean takes his yellow belt test

Miscellaneous pics Summer 2009

Train ride to Port Jeff Bowl

Trip to the Hoyt farm water park

Miscellaneous pictures from late summer

Beach labor day weekend

Labor day 2009

King Kullen crew labor day BBQ

First day of school 2009

BBQ/Deanna's b-day

Possibly the last night of the pool

Anthony's birthday at La Panchita

Tour of the parks of Kings Park

Surprise party for Laura, plus Avery gets married

Saint James Day, 2009

Halloween Ring and Run fun

Riverhead Harvest Festival 2009

Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin Decorating

Monster Mash/Stony Brook

Pumpkin Patch

Parkview halloween parade and karate party

Halloween 2009

Miscellaneous early 2009

Picnic and bike riding at Sunken Meadow

Tir Na Nog Bar with Scranton folks

Thanksgiving Feast/Sean 2009

Last day of Soccer, Fall 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Visit from the KP High girls and more

Sean's Bday at Hop n Bop

Kids smiling plus Parkview holiday gift fair

Sean's 7th Birthday Party

More kid pics/Grillos house

KP Fire Department holiday parade/kids pics

Christmas Eve

Christmas morning

Christmas night

Playing in the second snowfall

New Years Eve

Karate party/Mom Tree/more