Christmas 1999 photos--the PI, John Harvard's, family pictures, and The Rock

Mr. V's birthday bash

Dave's new place in city of brotherly love

Kristen + Katie's Winter Festival

St. Patricks Day at the PI

Jon's Bachelor party

Weidner/Faure Family Reunion 2000

Jon & Eileen's Wedding

Glen & Denise's Wedding

Saint Patrick's Day, 2001

St patricks day, montauk--warren

Cosmos Moons First Gig

Mosh and Dave NY 5 borough bike tour, 2001

Glen, Denise, and Warrens house and sharks

Jim and Sandys Wedding

Cosmos Moons First Gig

Clubhouse Demolition

Sad vacation in San Francisco

St. James Day, 2001, Pleasant Inn

Beach Crew, 2001

Tracy's Birthday Bonanza

More Pics, December 2001

King Kullen Reuinted, Xmas 2001

Pete and Moira's New Years 2001-2002

Bahamas Cruise, 2002

Cruise 2002, underwater shots

Grillos 40th birthday

Saint Patrick's Day, Pleasant Inn, 2002

Montauk St. Patrick's Day Parade, 2002

A Kings Park Easter, 2002, and Ham Adventures

Shannan's Christening

John Hagen's 30th Birthday Bash

The 4 borough Bike Tour

King Kullen Bowling league 2002

Pre-summer photos, 2002

Bad photos, June 2002

Mrs. V. on vacation

Random Pictures of my life, July 2002

Summer's End, 2002

Pictures of people drinking beer

Mrs. M's Retirement Bash

St. James Day, 2002

Things to do in Washington DC besides being a sniper

Fun Bash 2002

Jon's 40'th Birthday

Sean Kendrick's Weidner's Birth

More baby pics

Flower the kids

Sean and his young friends

Christmas 2002, featuring Sean John

> New Years Eve, 2002

Stones concert at Grillos

Patrick and Coleen's Wedding, 1.20.2003

Molly's 30th Birthday Gala

The last night of the Coliseum Sports Bar, Saint James

Sean and Maureen's Wedding, 2003\

Paige Olivia's 1st Birthday

Dietary Mistaka

Sean's Christening

St. Patrick's Parade at the PI

St. Patrick's Parade in Montauk, 2003

Bowling with Heidi Klum

Easter at the Weidner's, 2003

The five (5) Boro bike tour, 2003

Joe and Fang Sullivan's Wedding

Mr. Dunn's (Aka) Bachelor Party

Mother's Day 2003

Lucille's Graduation, CW Post

Lauren's First Communion

Daniela's Prom, 2003

First pics of John Joseph Hagen Junior

Kevin's Graduation Orgy

Little Baby Daniel visits Kings Park

Father's Day 2003

Sean luvs Ducks, Rib night, Molly BBQ

Pitch and Putt, 2003

Pool liner and Lucille's b-day

Independence Day, 2003

Birthday in the Bronx, and more

Mosh/John's 30th Birthday Party

The Pleasant Inn's Annual Mets Bus Trip

Matthew's First Birthday

Sean at Saf-T-Swim and Catherine's Pool Party

Lyn's Surprise Birthday Party, 8-1-2003

John and Madison's Christening

Lyn's Surprise Birthday Party, 8-3-2003

Our final trip to Gold Key Lake, August 2003

Mom Weidner's Birthday, 2003

North-East Black '03

Lily's Christening

Brian's steak-filled bachelor party

My Lovely Day in Rockin' Middletown, NY

Randy and Stew's 90-combined year old birthday party

Brian and Amy's Wedding

Gold Key Lake-Labor Day '03

Aftermath of Hurricane Fabian on the Beach

Sean's trip to the animal sanctuary/butterfly house

Deanna's 14th Birthday

Anthony's B-day, 2003

St. James Day, 2003

St. James Day, 2003

Sean at 9 1/2 months

Sean using the baby walker

Huntington Fall Festival and Glenn's new house which looks identical to his parents so don't bother going to this webpage.

Sean's first candy apple & much more

Halloween 2003

Sean's first haircut at Harry's

Dave's Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Suzie's Wedding

Roast beef at Grillo's

Thanksgiving '03

Sean's First Birthday Party

Dave's Wedding

Sean's Real First Birthday

Warren's St. James King Kullen Farewell Party

Christmas 2003

Sean at 13 Months

Pics of Sean-Jan 04

Coleen's Baby Shower

Sean and Daniel and Sean and Eileen outside Boston, MA

Sean and Shannen's sleepover (an a couple of bonus pics)

Nicholas's First Birthday

Montauk St. Patrick's Parade 2004

Andy's 21st Birthday

Montauk St. Patrick's Parade 2004

Christine and Anthony's Wedding

Retaining Wall

Brunch with Easter Bunny

Easter 04

Sean at the Mall before Easter

Sean is the pretzel bandit

Jarrod Vito

Nanny, Danielle, Cassie and Jason's Birthday, 2004

The Hardened Criminal

Patrick James Jr.

Pat & coleen's baby

Go PJ, go PJ   Little Pat's girl friend

Sean's Surgery

Valerie's Bat Mitzvah

Woo's Chenango Bachelor Party

Ellen and Timmy's Wedding

Memorial Day at Glenn's

Memorial Day at Mom's

Some miscellaneous pictures from my old camera

Sean's 1st merry-go-round and tent assembly

Ducks Game 2004

John and Madison's 1st Birthday

Lily's 1st Birthday

Kings Park Day 2004

Pat and Coleen and Pat return to New York

Father's Day 2004

Amy's Graduation Party

Woo and Tara's Wedding

Independence Day 04 at Timmy & Noreen's

Birthday cake and Sean's toilet paper exploits

Mellow Sunday at the Beach

Avery Grace's Debut

Avery Grace, Part 2

Avery's first week

Sean, Avery, and friends--August 2004

Mom's Birthday, 2004

Never before seen photos of Liam

Jarrod's Christening

Ducks Game in the Exec Box

Annual Barbecue at the Vasquez's, 2004 (and some other baby pics)

Ducks Game--Exec box II

Family BBQ 2004

Randy's Labor day BBQ

Tracy's Labor Day Barbecue

Deanna's Sweet 15th Birthday Gala

Tracy and John's Big BBQ

James Matthew's Christening

The Ecology Center, Holtsville

Halloween Preview, 2004

Avery's Christening

Becky's car wash and trip to McDonald's

Liam's Christening

St. James Day, 2004

The world's biggest toilet seat

A year at the park with Sean

A spooky afternoon at Wick's farm

Misc Avery photoshoot

Riverhead Harvest Festival 2004

Gardening 101

Beer on the Pier 2004

Becky's Halloween Fund Raiser/Costume Party

Frankie and Denise's Halloween Extravaganza 2004

Halloween, 2004

Avery photos Veterans day

Babysitting Sabrina

Becky's Turkey trot

Thanksgiving 2004

Christopher William Grillo's Christening

Tracy's Surprise 30.5 Birthday party

Lunch at Flaham's

Sean's Second Birthday

Avery and Sean speak with Santa

Avery's Christmas shoot

Glenn & Denise's Christmas blast, 2004

Sean's post birthday lunch at Chucky Cheese's

Headshots of Avery

christmas Eve, 2004

Christmas 2004

December 26, 2004-Another day in history

New Years Eve, 2004

2005 pics